Reinforcement of the law on nature protection and simplification of procedures in the interest of the citizen

Today, Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg completed the work on the amendments to law on nature protection in the Chamber of Deputies. The aim of these amendments is to strengthen the existing legal framework, to optimise legal certainty for citizens and to simplify the existing procedures. The provisions on infringements of the law had been considered too general by the criminal courts, requiring adjustments of the relevant law. In close consultation with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Environment has developed appropriate amendments. With today's vote, these amendments have been formally adopted by the Chamber.

Increased legal certainty and flexibility for citizens

An important new aspect of the law improves legal certainty for citizens who live in green zones and who, in the case of extreme weather events, are allowed to completely rebuild their homes if they have been destroyed or damaged by "force majeure".

In addition, people who own parcels of land in green zones are now allowed to install constructions related to agricultural, horticultural or market gardening activities, even if these activities are not carried out as their main activity.

More flexibility in the renaturation of "remarkable trees"

In addition, the amendments will help to improve the implementation of flood protection and renaturation measures. The state has been granted a right of pre-emption over parcels of land in green zones along watercourses. The protection of 'remarkable trees' will also be simplified, as it will no longer be covered by the legal framework for the protection of sites and monuments, but will fall under the law on nature protection.

Finally, in the field of light pollution, the law is strengthened for both humans and wildlife, with the definition of concrete measures against harmful light impacts.

Press release by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development

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